On September 20th, Marlborough Monaco gallery was happy to receive for the first time in Monaco the  FlyingDinners on the occasion of Titouan Lamazou exhibition. Linda and Samantha will invite to their table:


Titouan Lamazou Photo : Bruno Pellerin

Titouan Lamazou
Photo : Bruno Pellerin

Titouan Lamazou, artist, navigator, winner of the 1990 Vendée Globe, who will present about sixty works realized throughout the world. On the occasion of the FlyingDinners, he showed us for the first time his project of the Floating Studio

– Marc Van Peteghem, naval architecte who created in 1983 an architecture office, the Van Peteghem Lauriot-Prévost  (VPLP),  in association with Vincent Lauriot Prévost. This is one of the most productive and eclectic office in the world of multihulls boats. Marc Van Peteghem who is in charge of the realization of the Floating Studio  presented us the model and its specificities.

Marc Van Peteghem

Marc Van Peteghem

A «  floating dinner  » flyer made us travel all around the world in the footsteps of an unusual artist and an uncommon architect. The menu was  composed of four halt and an original selection of Grands Crus made by Linda Grabe and an exceptional Rhum 1960 from Habitation Saint-Etienne.


 Welcome on board…