Neighbours wear their wedding dresses for socially distanced photoshoot

A month into lockdown and we’re all getting a little bored.

One neighbourhood in Texas came together to find a great way to pass the time – a wedding dress photoshoot.

The women in the quiet street decided to all bring out their dresses and wear them together (while standing two metres apart of course) Photographer Elyssa Seibel, who runs A Joy Story Photography, says the idea came from a group chat, which has been ‘a lifeline’ during the pandemic.


She explained: ‘I live on one of the best streets in Texas. Tons of awesome families and kids, our kids love playing with each other. ‘On an average Friday night you will find most of us out spending time together, kids playing street hockey and hide and go seek.


‘So it is safe to say this quarantine has been extra tough for us. Some of the moms on the street have been helping each other cope by staying in touch via a group text – sharing memes, funny stories, encouragement.

‘So when our friend and neighbor Nina decided she needed a fancy wine night, and sent us all a picture of herself drinking wine in her wedding dress- my photographer brain kicked in.

Because I am a sucker for crazy awesome ideas.’ Five of the women pulled out their dresses to take part in the shoot with Elyssa behind the camera, wearing her dress too. She added: ‘Somehow we convinced five moms on our street to come out and take part in a hilarious #weddingdresswednesday photo shoot.

Out they came, still social distancing, and still glowing in their wedding dresses.


‘We had such an amazing time taking these photos.

Neighbours came out into their driveways to watch and laugh along with us, and even gave us a round of applause when we were done.’