Report: Jets are discussing a potential run at Logan Ryan

One of the more surprising names still available in the free-agent market may be returning to the AFC East.

The Jets have had internal discussions regarding an attempt to sign former Patriots (and most recently Titans) cornerback Logan Ryan, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

Ryan signed a three-year, $30 million deal in Tennessee after the 2016 season, and he had an even better contract year this time around. With, for example, Bradley Roby getting $36 million over three years to stay in Houston, Ryan should have been at least in that ballpark.

As explained in a recent PFT mailbag, Ryan was generating defensive player of the year buzz at one point during the 2019 season. He finished with four forced fumbles, four interceptions, 4.5 sacks, 18 passes defensed, and a ball on the mantle that forever will be the product of Tom Brady‘s last pass with the Patriots, picked off by Ryan and returned for a touchdown.

Ryan’s versatility likely is keeping him unemployed. Very good at a lot of things, Ryan doesn’t exude greatness at any one specific thing. And cornerbacks who can do a lot of things have yet to generate the same kind of league-wide interest and value as safeties who do a lot of things, like Tyrann Mathieu.

One month after the free-agency market officially opened, Ryan may have to take what he can get on a one-year deal and roll the dice again in 2021. With nothing going on (other than virtual offseason programs), Ryan can afford to wait, especially if he’s ultimately going to take much less than what he thought he would/should get.

At this point, Ryan should at a minimum resist any interest until after the draft. At that point, there’s a chance that one or more teams won’t be happy with their overall situation at defensive back, will begin studying what Ryan can do, and make a run at him — whether it’s the Jets or someone else.

The Jets could suddenly make more sense after the draft if safety Jamal Adams ends up being traded before or during it. His decision not to participate in the team’s stay-at-home offseason program could be the clearest sign yet that he wants out. If he gets what he wants, the Jets would then have a greater need for Ryan.