Mum’s clever peg door signs help parents survive working from home with kids

Kate Danielson is trying to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

But with four kids aged between eight and 12, it can be hard to get anything done.

Kate works as founder and executive director of Foster Progress, a nonprofit organisation for kids in foster care to gain access to higher education, and she still has lots to do, despite not being able to go out.

At the minute, she is using one of the kids’ bedrooms as a home office but she says that the children don’t always understand the need for peace and quiet.


So she created a genius door sign system. She created two cards – one to let them know whether they can come in and one with some frequent asked questions, as she was tired having four kids asking the same things all the time. The first card says: ‘Hi there! I’m working!’


It’s then followed by five statuses, coloured from green to a dark red, and she can mark which one she wants with a clothes peg.

The statuses are:

  • ‘Come on in! I’d love your company.’
  • ‘I’m busy, but you can interrupt me if you need something.’
  • ‘I’m in a meeting, but these people know you exist and you can say hi real quick.’
  • ‘I’m in a meeting, and unless you’re bleeding or on fire, I don’t want to see or hear you.’
  • ‘If you come in this room or make a noise in this house, you will shortly be bleeding or on fire.’ She shared the images on Facebook and other parents loved them so much, she decided to provide the template for them to create their own version at home.

But Kate says the sign is working and she sometimes hears them telling eachother to be quiet because she’s ‘on the deep orange’.